MPs are Supreme and Famous, People just Ordinary Mortals

Interesting Congress Logic

People should behave like normal citizens, ostensibly so MPs can behave like goons. Well, the Congress appears to be veering round to this logic in defending the Shiv Sena MP who slapped an Air India duty manager 25 times with his slippers a few days ago.

“Ravindra Gaikwad is a famous leader. So the AIr India staff should not have spoken to him the way he did,” says the Congress.

No surprise, as it is a party that gave limitless privileges to the likes of Robert Vadra.

What Sonia Gandhi’s party is suggesting is that the people of the country are ordinary mortals who exist to be trampled upon by criminals in politics. And MPs across all parties appear to be lending legitimacy to it.

The way MPs are teaming up to make Goon Gaikwad a saint suggests the Indian Government will end up putting the assaulted Air India staffer behind bars.

G Joslin Vethakumar



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