Disgraced, Dismissed and Now in Jail, But Will Park Rule from Jail?

Only in Tamil Nadu that can Happen!

Impeached, dismissed and now in jail – all over charges of corruption! That’s how the former South Korean President, Ms Park Guen-hye (65), has been dealt with the due course of law followed in letter and spirit. Her being the daughter of a former President of the country (Park Chung-hee) gave her no escape path.

161102152123-park-geun-hye-choi-soon-sil-large-169She was found guilty of colluding with her confidant, Ms Choi Soon-sil, to extort money and receive bribes from several business powerhouses, including Samsung. What they are believed to have pocketed is estimated to be around $70 million.

A mere $70 million, which will have been chicken feed for the Tamil Nadu duo of late Chief Minister Jayalalitha and her confidante Sasikala Natarajan? The two had gone on a looting spree, with billions of dollars alleged to have been stashed away as investments overseas. Sasikala is in jail after being convicted of corruption earlier this year.

Even the U.S. is not safe from this kind of shady collusion, with the relationship of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin coming up for scrutiny during the elections in November last. That is one of the factors that contributed to her defeat with Republican Donald Trump emerging a surprise winner.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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