Loyalty – as in business, so in politics!

Insulting a customer and then hoping to retain him is strategy only in a fool’s domain!

This is exactly what Arvind Kejriwal tried to accomplish in Rajouri, Delhi – ejecting the sitting MLA and then planting him as a candidate in the Punjab Assembly elections. 

The result: humiliating defeats in both. Needless byelections are a criminal waste of money. Such political misdemeanour must be outlawed.

That aside, if you don’t show loyalty to a constituency that elected you and ditch it for an imaginary paradise elsewhere, voters are not fools to give you a lifeline. 

This reminds me of a Tamil adage which loosely translated into English means “lust for King can cost you the Husband.”

G Joslin Vethakumar 

Why Delhi Appears To Be Turning Against Kejriwal



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