“Don’t Messi with Barcelona”

Saying it All with Just 140 Characters

“Don’t Messi with Barcelona.” This was one of the Tweets that Channel News Asia aired today with clips of last night’s #ElClasico that Barcelona clinched with a last-gasp winner from football superman Lionel Messi. Unfortunately, I don’t recall who the Tweet was from.

In journalistic parlance, a picture with a compelling caption is worth a thousand words. Well, that is the idiom representative of the old-world media.

In today’s world of social engagement and instant gratification, just 140 characters, with or without an image, will be enough to capture the essence of any form of excitement. The millions of Tweets on #ElClasico will attest to it.

Gary Tweet on Messi

The winner from Messi was also his 500th goal for Barcelona. Isn’t that phenomenal? And he is only 29! In cricketing terms, if one goal is equated with a half-century wouldn’t that add to a number that is sensational? But then comparisons can be odious.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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