China Becoming Global Leader, Thanks to Trump!

The verbal exuberance that preceded the Trump-Xi summit dissipated the moment it got under way recently with little sense of joie de vivre among the stakeholders.

But subsequent developments have seen the U.S. President, Mr Donald Trump, cede some authority to Mr Xi Jinping. Having just completed 100 days in power, Mr Trump is rapidly making the apprehension of the well-known Indian-American journalist, Dr Fareed Zakaria, true – that the President was paving the way for China to assume the mantle of global leadership.

Mr Trump is now all eloquence when talking about his new-found friendship with Mr Xi and China. He counts on China to solve the North Korean tangle and avert a nuclear war. He even wants to talk to Mr Xi before he makes any comment on Taiwan.

This is the man who had, prior to the thaw we see now, said: “We cannot allow China to continue to rape the U.S.”

While during Mr Trump’s election campaign, he had branded China as a currency manipulator and a thief, the communist country is now none of that in his view.

Mr Trump is steadily becoming an embarrassment for the U.S., the superpower that is starting to play second fiddle to China.

In this report, Fareed Zakaria refers to Trump’s diatribe and argues that the U.S. appears ready to hand the global leadership baton to China.

He has indeed been very right, whichever way we look at it!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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