No Rules Will Have Been Necessary if “Goon” Gaikwad Had Not Been Treated Like a Maharaja!

No Jail for MP, No Compensation for AI Employee

If the BJP Government had not asked Air India to lift the ban on “goon” Ravindra Gaikwad, then no “no-fly” rules will have been necessary.

By taking the side of a member of its coalition, the Government made it clear that political goons are the real Maharajas to Air India, with the right to manhandle the crew and get away with it.

about-air-img-04 (1)

The no-fly list of rules, to me, is not meaningful.

Rules are always flouted by the influential in the country ruled by sycophancy and illiteracy. Violators easily find ways to get around the law, as the very case of Ravindra Gaikwad has proved. He committed a crime – that of hitting a senior member of the crew with slippers and trying to push him off the ladder. Video evidence of the assault is available and still no action has been taken against the goon.

Govt Must have Compensated AI Staff

Forget a flying ban on Gaikwad, he must have been behind bars by now and lost his MP seat. Why has that not happened? Has the AI employee who was humiliated by this MP been given any compensation?

Through an out-of-court settlement, United Airlines managed to wriggle itself out of a mess after a passenger was assaulted on a recent flight. It could have cost the airline a few million dollars. But if a passenger beats up a crew member, who pays any compensation? At the very least, the criminal MP must have been dealt with through the usual provisions of law.

The Indian media have completely sold themselves to the BJP, so they will not pursue any case that shows the party in a criminal light. Instead, they will gloat over the new rules, saying this was a world-first for the country.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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