Shakespearean Dilemma for Indian Media: To Toe the Modi Line or Not!

Times Now Takes Arnab To Court for Copyright Theft

Journalism in India is at a critical intersection, faced with the ethical, even Shakespearean, dilemma: To toe the Modi line or stay within the boundaries of professional integrity.

Even this is not aligned with reality as every media entity in the game appears to be vying for the coveted spot – the biggest doormat for the ruling BJP!

  • Some Like Times Now suffer from no dilemma – they are already proudly playing the 100% pro-establishment role
  • CNN News 18 is trying to play catch up with Times Now
  • The entry of Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV,  is a serious threat to media objectivity and to the dignity of the people who willingly come on the show. They, nonetheless, put themselves on the guillotine and then scream foul.
  • Newspapers such as The Hindu are being laughed at by Modi fanatics.
  • How long those reluctant to sing the glory of Modi and his minions will survive the challenge is a moot point.

Times Now, meanwhile, has taken its former chief editor Arnab to court for copyright infringement over what it is believed to be stolen video footage. With their sycophantic hosts, the two English news channels are doing all they can to outwit one another as they seek to become Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet puppet.

It is a race that has attracted more contenders, with CNN News 18 also doing all it can to get the BJP’s attention. All of them have a convenient cloak – patriotism and nationalism. In their lexicon, patriotism appears to hold the definition that raping, maiming and killing are all fine if it is done to protect Mr BJP.

Blind Defence of Majoritarianism

If it is India they seek to defend, their blind defence of majoritarianism and all political attacks on justice, religious tolerance and equity is evidence of their aberrations.

Republic TV is not aired in Singapore. It may make its inroads into the country as most Indians living in Singapore are Modi bhakts ready to lap any fanatical pro-BJP channel. Until then they can get all their joy from Times Now and CNN News 18 and from calling the rest presstitutes.

Over time, I won’t be surprised if even NDTV, which now has a semblance of balance, begins to fall in line with the consummate stalwarts in political servility.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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