Indian Media, BJP Determined to Get Jadhav Hanged?

Overreactions Can Be Counterproductive

Well, the ICJ ruling today is a win for India, no doubt! Well done!

But the mad and premature celebration in India over the International Court of Justice staying the execution by Pakistan of Kulbushan Jadhav may end up being counterproductive.

Sobriety is the hallmark of a mature democracy, not populist overreactions.

From what I have been watching on Indian television channels available in Singapore, it is clear to me some sections of the media are getting childishly hyped up. 

Overreactions from both journalists and the Government can have the opposite effect and put the life of Jadhav in jeopardy.

Premeditated murder prevented: Times Now

“Premeditated murder prevented.” This is a scream from an Arnab Goswami clone, Rahul Srivastava, on Times Now.

This has been the refrain the last few hours on the channel.

It looks like the fawning Indian media and their masters in the BJP will make Pakistan even more determined to execute Jadhav.

If they are really keen on saving Jadhav, the same actions that India took, but without all the media fanfare and with some temperance, may have offered the leeway for realistic expectations of a sane outcome.

Now, Prime Minister Modi and gang are so busy patting themselves on the back, with the media in tow, they may end up derailing the chances of Jadhav being let off.

This is just Round One and Pakistan is already saying that the ICJ has no jurisdiction over matters of its national security.

I think because of it all the family of Jadhav will have reason to be worried.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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