Fareed Zakaria Raises Interesting Questions on Marginalising Iran

Trump in Israel, a Nation That Stirs Interest for Different Faiths – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – with Jerusalem at its Centre

Mr Donald Trump is on an exciting tour of countries cutting across religions in conflict zones and the Western media are on a roll. He arrived in Israel earlier today after winding up his visit to Saudi Arabia.

Making it more stirring is a senior Indian American editor, Fareed Zakaria, turning clairvoyant with his brilliant analyses.

Last month he had, with precision, written about how the U.S. President was ceding global leadership to China, which is becoming real.

Today, on CNN, dissecting Mr Trump’s decisions that verge on marginalising Iran, he brought up the inherent irony in them.

He recalled that 15 of the 19 bombers involved in 9/11 came from the Sunni world, Saudi Arabia, to be more precise. It is the birthplace of Osama bin Laden. Yet, Mr Trump is bent on crippling Iran, which is beginning to present a moderate face to the world, while keeping the U.S. equation with Riyadh strong.

Both Iran and Iraq subscribe to the Shi’a denomination of Islam. The Sunni population is the most dominant worldwide. Is the U. S. inclined towards the Sunni regime because of this? Pakistan, too, is made up of a very large Sunni population.

I have no knowledge of Islamic history (in fact, of any history – reliance on the past to shape the future), so let me not dig deep and expose my ignorance.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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