Back to 1975, Only Now it is More Evil

With or without today’s actions against NDTV, there are definite parallels between the Congress government of 1975 and the one led by Narendra Modi since May 2014.

There are huge differences as well. The electorate then was a lot saner and wiser than the majoritarian bigots in today’s India.

Two years were all it took for the people to throw out those behind the Emergency. Indira Gandhi herself lost the election in 1977 to Raj Narain.

Today’s Indians, though, are a breed so solidly behind pure evil that Mr RSS will convincingly romp home again in 2019.

Another difference was that the media then were ready to fight evil. Now, the bulk of the Indian media are stooges of those in power.

There will be no stopping King Modi even if a more ruthless 1975 were to be re-enacted. If, God forbid, another 2002 happens, he and his party will win by even bigger margins. 

Indians are so enamoured of him despite heading a government that, to me, is the worst in independent India! All they want is a theocratic Hindu Raj along the mould of failed countries in the Islamic world.

All political parties in India, including the BJP and the Congress, have the same genes so while governments change the sinister traditions remain intact.

Country Needs More AAPs

Arvind Kejriwal and his AAP brought in a whiff of fresh political air in Delhi. To the BJP and the Congress, however, Kejriwal is such a big threat that the two are together plotting to see AAP wiped out.

For the fanatical electorate, any threat to continuation of the evil Raj must be put down.

G Joslin Vethakumar 


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