So, Who “Killed” Jayalalitha? Was She?

High Drama at Poes Garden

The Tamil Nadu political scene is heating up again with drama unlimited at the Poes Garden today, with late chief minister Jayalalitha’s niece and nephew, Deepa and Deepak, flinging allegations against each other.

Tamilians are just too good at patting themselves on the back. When Jayalalitha’s live-in partner in crime Sasikala held all MLAs hostage at a resort to prevent them from moving over to the rival camp, people went gaga over their assumed strengths in dealing with wayward MLAs.

Imagination ran riot in the social media with the geniuses saying “these MLAs will be lynched when they come out of the resort and visit their constituencies.”

Nothing of that sort happened with support growing for Sasikala, now in jail convicted of corruption, and her nephew Dhinakaran who himself came out of jail recently.

There have been calls for a probe into the death of Jayalalitha, with the BJP ignoring them. Today Deepa was more blunt than everyone else. She alleged that her brother Deepak and Sasikala together killed her aunt.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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