Alpine Charm, Watches, Chocolates and Roger Federer!

All Part of Swiss Glory!

Federer Shows Why He is a Maestro with an Easy Title Win at Wimbledon

Switzerland is a dream location for most who love, and can afford, international travels. More so for honeymooners, with its breathtaking alpine charm and nature’s bounty being a big draw.

The small country, which is often compared with Singapore for the economic successes the two nations have had despite their size, is also known for its chocolates and watches.

That was until Roger Federer hit the tennis circuit and the Grand Slam records started tumbling. Now, though, any mention of Switzerland is certain to invoke the sporting genius of Federer.

Fedes Wimbledon

Today, by winning his 19th Grand Slam title with an easy win over big-hitting M. Čilić at Wimbledon, the man often referred to as FedEx cemented his position as possibly the greatest tennis player ever. Remarkably, he lost no set through the course of the tournament, from Round 1 to the Final.

It did not appear to me that the Croat was at his best today. The aggression and the confidence I saw in Cilic’s semi-final win over Sam Querrey was missing, leaving Federer with a resounding win.

In doing so, he may have become the oldest player ever, at 35+, to clinch Wimbledon, his eighth at the premier Grand Slam championship, now ahead of Sampras’ seven. But they are just another pieces of trivia.

What matters most is that he has shown the world why he is called a tennis maestro, the best ever!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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