Swiss Double at Wimbledon!

Hingis Stands Vindicated for Dumping Leander

A Swiss double fructified at Wimbledon as Martina Hingis and Jamie Murray romped home in Mixed Doubles just now.

If Hingis had not dumped Leander, it will perhaps have been another first-round exit for the duo after their French Open fiasco just last month.

Leander, not surprisingly, was booted out at Wimbledon at the first hurdle he ran into in both men’s doubles and mixed doubles. In men’s,  the loss was to a pair that had a 40-something player and not a seasoned one.

Sport is not about loyalties, it is about winning without allowing your partner to crush your win chances. Leander, of late, had become the weakest link for his partner. At Wimbledon, he was the poorest performer among Indians.

G Joslin Vethakumar 


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