NDTV, Fake Liberals and Cheap Tricks!

I picked up this book from Landmark in Chennai yesterday. I hope Arundhati Roy does not disappoint me! But this post is not about the Booker Prize winner or her second novel.

It is about fake liberals and the pits they descend to in a desperate attempt to market their paperware.

Following the initial publicity blitz on NDTV, I wanted to get Indira by Sagarika Ghose as well.

But the channel slid into cheap territory by positioning the book as a no-holds-barred “story” of the life and times of Indira Gandhi.

Worse, to boost sales, NDTV tried a vulgar trick with blurbs that pointed to the late prime minister’s affairs. That sleaze was enough for me to avoid forking out Rs 699 for a book full of lies and half truths. 

Having read extracts in the media, it was clear Sagarika had used disgusting language to portray Indira Gandhi as a loose woman – merely based on hearsay without a shred of evidence.

Detestable Writing

Even if there was truth in what she brought up, one does not expect such detestable writing from those who seek to project themselves as liberal intellectuals.

Sagarika’s book is a mere attempt to placate the BJP by spinning tales verging on character assassination of Indira Gandhi.

I am not one to support authors with an agenda.
But, not surprisingly, The Hindu carried a review today to support Sagarika’s suspect biographical foray.

G Joslin Vethakumar 

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