The Future of Singapore on Show at NDP


An AI-Driven Smart Nation is Better Than One  Stifled By Overpopulation!

It was a National Day Parade aligned with the realities of today. It was not about threat perceptions or any fear psychosis relevant for even countries insulated from violence, crime and political mayhem.

It was about reassurance that Singapore is in good hands ready to face the future with confidence and preparedness.

Not surprisingly, Singapore’s military might with focus on maritime security, artillery power, new-generation combat support systems and even terror-attack simulations were effectively presented at the Parade this evening.

Robots and Drones: But, to me, what stood out was a robot among the show hosts and drone formations that tie into what the future may look like for not just Singapore but the world, not excluding the most populous ones.

It is more than just a hint of an Artificial Intelligence-driven future.

PM’s Message: This is, to some extent, reflected in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day message that touched on three factors critical for Singapore’s future – Education, Healthcare and Technology, with its Smart Nation vision.

Singapore is already world-class in these areas, the difference lying in how the interests of its citizens appear to have been taken lightly.

My own vision is of a Singapore with a population that is 20% lower than that of today for a better quality of life.

An AI-driven Singapore is better than one where overpopulation and alien interests are prioritised for a strong government chest.

G Joslin Vethakumar 

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