Bofors Resurrection Shows How Indian Courts Have Plenty of Idle Time

Political Scum Just Want to Keep Scams Alive for Their Selfish, Criminal Ends

Rajiv Gandhi, Quattrochi and Win Chadha, all names that come up whenever the Bofors issue springs alive, have been dead for long.

Still, the political scum in India have no qualms keeping scams alive, with the support of the judiciary.

Indian courts, including the Supreme Court, appear to be having a lot of idle time. Recently, the country’s apex court agreed to review yet again the sentence against corruption convict Sasikala, who is living like a Queen in a Bangalore jail. Fortunately, it gave no relief to her.

Today, the court agreed to resurrect the Bofors investigation with hearing slated to begin the week of October 30, the day Indira Gandhi was assassinated 34 years ago. The Bofors issue itself surfaced 31 years ago.

And the judiciary never loses an opportunity to complain how understaffed the courts are!

Going by how the Supreme Court is being summoned to open long-dead issues, it won’t be a surprise if someone file a case against British excesses. Perhaps, Shashi Tharoor will do that sometime given that it is his perennial pet topic.

G Joslin Vethakumar 


Bofors payoff case: Supreme Court to commence final hearing in last week of October


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