Anitha – an Angel Lost to NEET and Political Madness!

This Jamila of the BJP stopped short of calling Anitha an idiot in a TV debate tonight. How clever of her!

Mocking a bright young girl who sadly committed suicide because she missed out on medicine admission despite scoring 1176 / 1200 in the +2 exams is not just height of insensitivity but of idiocy as well.

It requires no ingenuity to infer that NEET will make admissions to medical colleges very predictable, with coaching centres doing all the spoon-feeding for students in cities.

That’s what is happening with IIT admissions. Those who go through coaching centres, forking out big bucks, almost guarantee themselves places. 

Not surprisingly, IITs have begun losing lustre. The days when only the brightest made it to the IIT have been history for long.

Village-bred Anitha, daughter of a labourer, came across as a cheerful, honest and determined girl chasing her dream — based on her statements rooted in simplicity, during the battle against NEET. It is a pity she gave up her fight too soon.

Anitha is an angel the State has lost to political madness.

G Joslin Vethakumar 

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