Anand Conqueror’s Gimmick Costs Him a Point in Round 3

Strangely, Anton Koyolyov was Spared in Earlier Rounds!

Bobby Fischer was a champion like no other, either before him or after. He could afford to throw away Round 1 with uncharacteristic blunders and forfeit Round 2 in the 1972 world chess championship and go on to win the title.

The Canadian-Russian Grandmaster, Anton Koyolyov, who dumped five-time world champion V Anand out of the world championship yesterday, pulled off what appears to be a publicity stunt today in Round 3 by violating the tournament dress code for the third time and ending up forfeiting a point.

He had worn the same shorts in the first two rounds as well. So, why did the organisers not enforce the code then? That may have resulted in Anand, or Akobian, escaping elimination. Such a survival path is questionable, though. 

Ranked 100-something, Koyolyov is no Fischer and it will be a miracle if he bounces back, unless his opponent is like a struggling Anand.

G Joslin Vethakumar 

The shorts episode at the FIDE World Cup 2017 | ChessBase 


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