Kamalahasan, a Confused CM-Wannabe?

Still, he can be a Welcome Addition to Politics, Rotten as it is!

He praises Modi and Yogi, hails demonetisation, gives a long interview to BJP mouthpiece Times Now, struggles to tackle tricky questions and comes across as a confused leader-wannabe.

Kamalahasan gives the impression that he is playing his cards right, but listen to him and the superficial positions he takes stand out.

He is ready to give the communal leadership credit where due even when he asserts that saffron does not define him. That’s pragmatism at work, not mere rationalism.

It is here he differs from Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who flew down to Chennai to meet the Tamil superstar today. Being too vehement a critic of Modi did not help Kejriwal. an IIT educated, Magsaysay Award winner, given the Modi mania sweeping the nation.

Kamalahasan may be trying to play it safe. At least he shows no vacillation on his political foray – to fight corruption and communalism! That must be welcome, particularly so in Tamil Nadu where uncouth crooks flourish.

G Joslin Vethakumar 

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