Humans can do Things no Robot Ever Could: Kasparov

I have been writing here about how Artificial Intelligence is rapidly going mainstream. They include my most recent one on A Quadrant for Pursuit Magic! Another one was on whether Sales can survive AI Threat.

However, in this Fortune magazine piece, the legendary chess champion, Garry Kasparov, asserts that “Humans can do things no robot ever could.”

His argument: “The human brain is an unmatched analogy engine, finding useful patterns to leverage our lifetime of experience to make decisions.”

Deep Thinking

I consider American Bobby Fischer the greatest ever chess player. I started playing chess, inspired by his brilliance. Pure Genius!

I hold Kasparov the next best in chess history. He was involved in the historic Man (Kasparov) vs Machine (Deep Blue) match more than two decades ago. I had blogged about it recently here – Man-Machine Collaboration

Nonetheless, in his recent book, Deep Thinking, Kasparov concedes that “Deep Blue was conclusive proof that machines could surpass humans in complex cognitive tasks that we had long assumed were unique to our developed brains.”

I intend to get hold of the book soon.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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