The Evil Trio and the Mannargudi Mafia

Continuing Embarrassment for Tamilians! Fools, Fools!

One of her live-in evil partners, Jayalalitha, is dead and another, her so-called husband Natarajan, has saved himself with organ transplants in Chennai at the plush Gleneagles Global Hospital, owned by a healthcare entity based in Singapore and Malaysia.

Corruption convict Sasikala, who had distanced himself from Natarajan (or pretended to have done so) to become a partner in crime for the late chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was released on parole yesterday to enable her to call on the ailing 74-year-old man.


The Perarivalan Parole

The release follows the one-month parole one of the convicts in the assassination of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was given on August 25 this year to visit his sick father. On September 25, that parole for Perarivalan, who had spent 26 years in jail, was extended by another month.

The Tamil media and politicians gave Perarivalan such coverage that I thought the foolish electorate will make him the chief minister of the State.

That said, I wonder why Natarajan did not get himself treated at the Apollo Hospital, where Jayalalitha died in December last amid widespread suspicions leading to the launch of a probe into the circumstances that consumed her life.

Now that Sasikala is out, anything can happen! She will do everything possible to have her parole extended.

Foolish Tamilians, Silly Media

For that, she can count on the silly media and the Tamilian fools who love to imagine they are the country’s self-respecting intellectuals. When Sasikala kept her MLAs hostage at a resort, the media were agog with reports that the Tamilian public would lynch them should they come out.

Then Sasikala’s nephew, Dhinakaran, lavished a resort lifestyle on the 18 MLAs loyal to him, relying on their faith in the gullibility and foolery of Tamilians.

Kodanad Acquisition, Deaths and Intrigue

The deaths and intrigue at the Kodanad estate that Sasikala and Jayalalitha stand as examples of the feverish acquisition of property and associated crimes the duo were involved in.

The sprawling Kodanadu estate was owned by a British national who was coerced into selling it at a bargain basement price through Jayalalitha’s benami, liquor baron Udaiyar, as this report explains.

Sasikala, Dhinakaran and their relatives, who together have come to be known as the Mannargudi Mafia, have five more days to plot a further downfall of the State.

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G Joslin Vethakumar


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