Numbers Mostly Lie!

… in Political and Business Contexts

Happy 2018!

So Singapore had a good 2017, with a 3.5% growth, which is significant for a First World economy! Well done!

I am not going to be carried away by such statistics, given the suspicions I nurture about jugglery, even manipulation and some reverse engineering. After all, these are not uncommon in the marketing-driven world of business!

Moreover, as PM Lee points out, the year began with uncertainty, with security and terror concerns adding to economic jitters. Still, the year appears to have ended in euphoria! How?

Okay, let me assume it was all because of good governance – with the leadership going “beyond immediate problems without settling for quick-fixes”, something the Third World is prone to!

Singapore has no reason to fudge data, the political stability in the country keeps populism at bay.

Economic sagacity, nonetheless, demands some sobriety in reacting to analytics, reports and projections without giving room for any overblown enthusiasm or cautious gloom.

It is up to the people to map a career path for themselves, whatever the data being dished out – upbeat or downbeat!

Have an awesome, dreams-come-true 2018!

G Joslin Vethakumar


Singapore economy grew by 3.5% in 2017, says PM Lee Hsien Loong in New Year message

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