Monopoly May Do Singapore Harm!

People Need Choices in Every Sphere!

Singapore has everything a country needs for a high quality of life – affluence (First-World economy), strong leadership, clean governance, world-class universities (though more needs to be done to step up admissions for locals into STEM courses), good specialist healthcare (even if expensive) and a culture of innovation!

There is no doubt whatsoever that the country has consistently been in great hands.

Shortsighted Policy

What it lacks are good choices across every conceivable sphere for its citizenry – politics, education, employment, media, sports and what not! To me, its shortsighted policy to “go East, West, North and South” to plug any gaps, without grooming locals (citizens) for the future, has been its undoing.

A political party enjoying monopoly has served the country well the last more than 50 years. The lack of a credible alternative, though, will start to bite at some stage in the not-so-distant future.

The Frontrunners and Trump!

Even within the ranks of the ruling PAP, finding a capable successor to the current Prime Minister may prove sticky, given that some predetermined exclusions appear to have already been made, going beyond its much hyped principle of meritocracy.

The three frontrunners have a political experience of only three to six years. One may, however, be tempted to ask what experience Mr Donald Trump had before becoming the U.S. President.

It is a pity the country lost the likes of George Yeo.

The Straits Times – Where Mediocrity Thrives!

Beyond politics, the country has not even given its 100% English-speaking population an alternative to The Straits Times, a newspaper feeding readers such trash as a narcissistic journalist harping about turning 30 and spinning personal tales. If one whines about how she lives for her children another dabbles in pedestal writing, dishing out tips about using plastic. All in a day’s newspaper!

First, there is little room for moving away from a single-party dynamic. Next, a pro-establishment media brush any issues (such as overpopulation, immigration and subtle racism) under the carpet while taking delight in, even empathising with, religious bigotry in neighbouring countries.

Monopoly may be a fun game to play, but a choice-free culture may wreck the country in the long run!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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