Exorcist, The Omen, “666” and the Dow!

When Good News is Bad News!

The first time I had a superficial grasp of the ominous triple-six (666) numerical Biblical representation of evil was when I, as a student, watched the Exorcist, then considered the scariest-ever ghost film.

After the night show at the Ega, in a meaningless display of silly teen audacity,  I walked back to my then home in Egmore (Chennai) way past midnight alone! I was not trying to make any daredevilry statement with that, but nothing eventful came out of it!


But last night all hell broke loose at the Dow, with the index tumbling 666 points – or 665.75, to be precise!

(Image from https://www.sciencealert.com/watch-the-secret-meaning-behind-the-devil-s-number-666)

The selloff was sparked by rising interest rates and growth in the job market. Hardly surprising as what’s good for the people becomes bad for investors, as this report brings up. Fears of inflation always trigger market crashes.

Also, haven’t we seen company stocks surging when employees are laid off in big numbers?

The good news is that the markets had been going higher and higher the last several months. So, yesterday’s fall may have cost investors only a fraction of their gains. For retail investors, not the institutional cheats!

This also brings up the age-old axiom, “what goes up must come down”.

Lucky 7!

As an aside, a Google search made me see that “6” is considered lucky in China. So, 666 signals three times more luck there while it appears to represent “unholy Trinity” in Western cultures.

I had also watched The Omen, another horror movie and a reminder of the 666 scare.

For Christians, “777” is a holy number as God rested on the seventh day. I had zero knowledge about it, I picked this interpretation up from a simple online search for “666”.

Numerology and superstition do seem to thrive everywhere! That is where the sinking of the Dow has taken me to!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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