Rahul Trumps Singapore!

The man who tried to embarrass the Congress President has shown the Negative Side of Singapore – by threatening to sue India’s opposition party in Singapore Courts! Unwittingly bringing up the culture of defamation suits and bankruptcies!

So, the man who tried to embarrass Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi at a Q&A session in Singapore and embarrassed himself wants to sue the political party. Why? Because he thinks the Congress dabbled in a “classic fake-news video.” He tells the Congress: “You are using my image to falsely advertise your politician, showing a sequence of events that did not occur.”

The Congress posted a video that captures the highlights of the session. What is fake about it?

But, wait, it gets better. Basu goes on to threaten to sue the party in Singapore courts.

Why Singapore Courts?

Why Singapore courts? He must be aware of how liberal the Singapore judiciary has been in defamation suits against some opposition leaders.

Or, is it because he thinks Indian courts do not always toe a pro-Modi line?

The Fumbling Author’s Question is: I also Teach Political Economics

Take it to The Hague, Mr Author, you will get global publicity that may push the sales of your book.

Let me get to the video now. He begins his question by introducing himself.

“My name is P.K. Basu, the author of a book called Asia Reborn, the first comprehensive history of the economic and political history of Asia.

My question is this: I also teach economic history to students in several business courses.”

Funny fumbling with his question as his intent appeared to be on marketing himself and his book.

He finally got to his question: “Why is it that during the years your family ruled India, India’s per capita income grew less than the world average. And yet in the years since your family relinquished the Prime Ministership of India, the per capita income started to grow substantially faster than the world average.”

Go Read My Book, Basu Tells Rahul

Unfazed, Rahul asked: “What is your hypothesis?”

It was Basu who was taken aback: “I asked you a question. My hypothesis is in the book. Go read the book.”

How clownish can it get? Here is a guy who asks a question and then wants the responder to read his book to understand it better!

Rahul handled the questions with grace, equanimity and responses that caught the rude questioner offguard.

It is Singapore that stands embarrassed!

– G Joslin Vethakumar

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