Laughs for Readers, The Straits Times Style!

Light laughs are always there to be had when reading The Straits Times. Reports and analyses featuring local developments are particularly fun.

So it was today with a piece that started off with the proclamation that “the first salvos in Singapore’s next General Elections have been fired.” The headline: Battle Lines for Next GE Drawn.”

With an opening like that it is hard to suppress a chuckle.

What “battle lines” and what salvos in a country where the ruling party is a constant, as I had brought up in my post here two days ago.

World of Imagination: If anyone in Singapore thinks that the PAP will have it tough at the hustings he or she must be living in some imaginary world.

Having beaten the living daylights out of a barely-there opposition, the ruling party is sitting pretty and will be comfortably perched at the top for decades to come.

Even the shortchanging of Singaporeans, from education to employment, has hardly had any impact on its vote bank.

Insult to PAP: Saying the battle lines are drawn is an insult to the PAP, and that from The Straits Times!!

Worse, it is such a poorly written piece that even a cub journalist will be looking for a place to hide his face.

We read in one place that someone told the writer something “gleefully.” In the clinching paragraph, we find again that “salvos have been fired the past week.” Conjectures from the blurb to text and cliches complete the piece.

And it is one of the newspaper’s premium write-ups that cannot be read free online!!

In a monopolistic world, merit is often the casualty.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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