It’s Un”official”: Tamil Nadu is Now Tamasha Nadu!

The IPL governing body and BCCI were perhaps just waiting for an excuse to move Chennai Super Kings away from the hot and humid city.

They have got it through Tamil Nadu’s silly, corrupt and criminal politicians and dullards from the film fraternity who appear to have achieved the unthinkable:

  • Doing their best in giving the BJP the edge in the upcoming elections in Karnataka
  • Moving even Tamil Nadu towards the BJP

In the process, they have lost IPL, depriving Chennai’s cricket fans of the opportunity to savour IPL action.

And there is little chance of even the Cauvery Water Management Board being constituted.

Also, what makes the Tamil fools believe that mere constitution of the Board will solve the Cauvery water dispute?

From staging naked protests to shedding crocodile tears over Neet, Tamilians have wrought all shame upon themselves being the fools they are!


G Joslin Vethakumar


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