Sydney Being Split Into 3 to Give Residents a Good Quality of Life

Is Singapore Listening?

There are firm plans in place to split Sydney into three cities in 20 years. This is to deal with population growth and “give residents better access to housing, jobs and services across the board”, as this CNN report points out.

The ultimate goal is to give Sydneysiders a good quality of life. Sydney and Australia have the luxury of space to contemplate and execute such city transformations.

That has made me think of how the quality of life in Singapore has taken a deep dip because of what appears to me a reckless growth in population even as plans remain in place to add another million or more by 2030.

There is a streak of commonality between Australia and Singapore – both are countries that see a population boom through rapid immigration.

Singapore will have to build cities in the sky and the seas to accommodate its population made up of around 40% foreigners.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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