NEET Loot: Centre-CBSE, the Procurer!

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s government, in cahoots with the CBSE, is playing the role of a procurer by making students from Tamil Nadu travel to States like Rajasthan and Sikkim for NEET exams. Possibly to other States as well in the North and the South!

The world knows the North of India is the most crime-ridden part of the country. Rapes, murders, loots and what not, with even functionaries of Modi’s BJP among the culprits!

As these students do not know the languages spoken in those States, they can become a target of the criminals who must have grown tired of home-grown victims. The criminals there do not even spare babies and enjoy the support of BJP ministers and leaders.

Besides the risk of falling prey to crime, the students also have to deal with other factors. They include costs (each student may have to fork out Rs 5k to 10k as they may be accompanied by their parents) and needless stress in travelling to alien territories that could affect their scores.

For 90% of the students this will be wasted money as only around 10% of them will make the cut.

Last year one girl from a remote village in Tamil Nadu committed suicide as she failed to get through to a medical college despite being a topper in the school-leaving exams.

Tamil Nadu’s ruling party, BJP’s partner in crime, just watches the State being shortchanged as they know Tamilians are distilled, sycophantic idiots who will sway to the tune of local politicians – be they from the ruling or opposition dispensation.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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