A Special Mother’s Day Dream!

I had an interesting dream last night, possibly early this morning. I will not call it weird because it involved my mother and the flow was fairly lucid. Call it an Illusion or hallucination, but tagging it “weird” will be out of place?

My mother passed away in September 2014. But, in my dream, it happened just in the wee hours of today – death on Mother’s Day. Strangely, she was alive even after death! She was still sitting with me, conversing with me, preparing to dine with me and even wanting to read the obituary I was going to write.

Mom2Popular belief is that the deep thoughts you entertain, the people you think of before you go to sleep play out in some shape as a dream. The truth is that I did not think of my mother while awake in bed. I hardly do these days!

Maybe that is why the coherent dream, removed from reality, had her take me on a flight of fiction, as if to ask me “have you forgotten your mother so soon?

Mothers can never fade from our memories. Even if we have constantly fought with them, like me, or not even loved them, they will only have our best interest at heart!

Happy Mother’s Day to my friends who are mothers.

– G Joslin Vethakumar

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