Prying Tech Eyes and Ears!

Even Private tête-à-tête Not Safe from Alexa and the Like!

It is no longer your personal photos in the social media that are at risk of being tapped by strangers for nefarious use.

Narcissists happy to broadcast their photos to an unruly world can hardly complain, they are game for falling prey to technology-inspired mayhem.

The same cannot be said about unsuspecting Alexa users falling victim to hacking of their private conversations made within their seemingly safe home confines – and being relayed to the world.

Class-Action Suits?

This is no wild statement, it is exactly what a couple in the U.S. experienced recently. If more such instances emerge, Amazon may well have to face class-action suits and millions in fines.

alexaI have a Google Home at my home, but I unplugged it recently not because I was wary about it but did not find it if of any meaningful use. In any case, we hardly have any conversations at home, leave alone a private tête-à-tête.

While businesses revel in talking about compliance and privacy, they are themselves the cause for invasions into the home and infringements on individual rights.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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