Otamendi, Culprit or Villain?

Argentina Tied 1:1 with Iceland at Half Time, Hardly Champion Material!

Argentina must pay attention to Otamendi whose defensive lapse cost the team a goal against possibly one of the weakest teams at the World Cup.

Moments earlier, Otamendi also made a reckless wild shot at the goal from the middle of the field, with the ball going metres above the post. He mis-struck a corner too.

A well-marked Messi had a few good shots at the goal that were well saved by the keeper. He had a poor corner with the ball sailing safely to the hands of the goalkeeper.

In contrast, the man Messi is often compared with, Cristiano Ronaldo, had a stellar night yesterday with a hat-trick against one of the Cup favourites, Spain.

It does not look to me that Argentina is champion material.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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