German Fraud, Kosovo Messaging in Swiss Win Over Serbia!

VAR Must be Team’s Prerogative, Cannot be Left to Referee’s Discretion!

This is a fraud by the German referee, possibly in collusion with FIFA.

It makes me think a video review must NOT be left to the referee’s discretion, it must be the prerogative of the team that is shortchanged. The German denied Serbia a penalty and a VAR (Video Assistant Review) that ought to have been there to clear any doubt.

If Germans make up the bulk of the population in Switzerland, how could a German have been chosen as the match referee? To show blatant prejudice?

Political Twist – Kosovo Messaging!

If this fraud is not enough, there was a political angle too — some of the Swiss players are from Kosovo who are said to have mocked at Serbia.

This BBC report points out that goalscorer Shakri wears a boot which has the Swiss flag on one heel and that of Kosovo on the other. Why is the Western sporting community tolerant of such political messaging on the field?

If sport is allowed to spread hate or rancour, particularly on a stage such as the World Cup, that is a sad reflection of current reality.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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