Honourable Exit for Argentina After Sloppy World Cup Start

Brilliant France Make Argentina Keeper the Weak Link

After some unbelievable goals in what was surprisingly an edge-of-the-seat thriller tonight, France are through to the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

Argentina did not deserve to qualify from the group stage but they did play like true champions today, losing 3-4 after a breathtaking match, nearly equalising in the dying seconds.

The Argentinian goalkeeper, though, did come across as a weak link.

Some of the best moments from tonight’s last 16 match between France and Argentina:

— Kylian Mbappe had a spectacular solo run into the penalty box and looked well set to score what could have been the World Cup’s best goal so far. But Marcus Rojo, the hero in Argentina’s win over Nigeria, turned villain today and brought Kylian down. Griezmann scored from the resulting penalty to make it 1-0 for France.

— The spectacular Di Maria strike that gave Argentina half-time relief, making it 1-1.

— Minutes into the second half, a thundering strike from Messi hit the net with an unwitting deflection from Mercado.

— Argentina’s 2-1 lead left them in exhilaration and the French stunned.

That joy for Argentina was short-lived as Three more brilliant goals from Pavaro and Kylian Mbappe our paid to the title dreams of Messi and his team. Not before another Messi-assisted goal that made it 4-3 for France.

It was a thrilling match and an honourable exit for Argentina after a sloppy World Cup start.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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