Fake Colleges, Unemployable Engineers!

The World from Singapore to the U.S. Ready to Absorb this Mass Production!

This is one area where India is comfortably perched at the top of the charts – unemployable engineers and fake colleges and degrees.

It does not shock me that, per this Indian Express report, there are 277 fake engineering colleges functioning in India, with the nation’s capital city, Delhi, home to 66 of them.

Should this be a matter of concern for those who pass through these portals? Why should it as the companies that hire them are the ones paying the price for any such misadventure? Willing Scapegoat!

Several studies in the country have already shown that 80-95% of engineers that institutions produce are unfit for employment. Even the CEO of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, was recently quoted as saying that: “94% of IT graduates in India are not fit for hiring.”

He goes on to say: “A student scoring 60 per cent marks cannot pursue BA English today but can definitely go in for engineering. My point is simple — are we not creating people for unemployment?”

This is not a new phenomenon. McKinsey had in a report a few years ago said that only 25% of India’s engineering graduates are employable.

The world is the hunting ground for the unemployable brigade – from Singapore to the U.S. where companies and governments merrily hire them in the name of “foreign talent”.  Foreign mediocrity, that is!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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