Apple Makes History

While this is no surprise, Apple having become the first trillion-dollar company is remarkable. Particularly because it has largely been a one-product wonder – first with Mac and, as the Windows PC boom left Apple fading, iPhone took over.

Phenomenal indeed! During the Dotcom era, Cisco was marching steadily towards the trillion-dollar mark, with its IP vision and execution taking it far.

The millennium year saw it surpass Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable company (Apple was hardly close then). Its valuation then was around $600 billion. Market talk then was that Cisco was poised to breach the trillion-dollar barrier.

Then the bubble burst, its technologies were infringed upon by Chinese firms and its fortunes took a hit.

Cisco, however, remains a networking giant and market leader, reinventing itself with new focus areas – servers, cloud and software, enabling a connected world!

The day, though, belongs to Apple even if by the time markets close it loses the mark.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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