Bigg Boss Message from Kamal, Vijay TV

Messages are aplenty from Kamal and Vijay TV through Bigg Boss.

— That Tamilians are born to be slaves to Non-Tamilians

— That they are a bunch of uncouth idiots who will sit tight even if garbage bins are emptied over their heads

— That they will sell their souls for crumbs

— That they love the mediocre so much they will vote out the smart ones and give the thumbs-up to the undeserving – even the Super Singer show presents how merit hardly mattered for Tamilians who will consistently make the weakest candidates win. After all, they are used to the culture of reservations.

— That Indians nurture all kinds of prejudices, including ageism

— That those from outside of Tamil Nadu are undesirable elements who believe in minimalism and in the dictum that less is more. Of course, Tamilians are a virtuous lot!

With this week’s Bigg Boss episodes, Kamal and Vijay TV have shown their true colours — their contempt for Tamilians.

Trying to use the programme to market himself as the future Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Kamal has scored several self-goals. Who knows he may become one. If Dhinakaran, nephew of corruption convict Sasikala, can win from RK Nagar any scum can fool the Tamil electorate!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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