Insult to Singapore Flag, Plain Insanity

Foreign residents in any country cannot be faulted for remaining steadfast in their loyalty to their country of origin. At the same time, it is insanity if they insult the national flag of their host country just to show how much they love their motherland.

It is unfortunate that a Permanent Resident in Singapore chose to celebrate India’s Independence Day this week by posting in Facebook an image showing Singapore’s flag being ripped apart to reveal the Indian tricolour.

Singapore flag insult 2

Any argument to the effect that it was an innocuous post may be contentious. There is no question, though, that it was inappropriate.

Foreigners in Singapore are here to earn and scoot, not to demonstrate their love for the host country. What should be a matter of concern is if they begin to get toxic with their attitude and foment trouble in a country where there is racial and religious harmony.

Non-Resident Indians living the world over are among the biggest supporters of the government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi known for its religious fanaticism and politics of hate with terror-prone proclivities.

Singapore is not immune to the trend, with some of its ministers and citizens drawn to the Indian government like never before. It could be for religious, political or business reasons.

Any politics of convenience, with short-term gains in view, will be too short-sighted a strategy that may lead to undesirable consequences.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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