December Is In, Time for Christmas Melodies!

With December in, it’s time to play Jim Reeves’ Christmas melodies, listen to bells jingling and sing Feliz Navidad!

A white Christmas? Well, if that’s the ask, swathe yourself with multi-layered clothing, including thermal wear, gloves and caps/masks fit for sub-zero climes to warm your hands/ears, not to forget snow shoes, and hit the alpine terrain.

For a true Biblical experience, loosen up the winter paraphernalia a bit, head to the Holy Land from the winter land and be blessed by taking a bow in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and walking through paths that Jesus took.

This is precisely how I kicked off the 2018 Christmas season two weeks ago – visiting Switzerland to savour the charms of snow-capped mountains and Israel for fulfilment of a dream that transcends religion as it is a place considered holy by people of different faiths – with Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, in Palestine territory and His crucifixion/resurrection sites nestling amid Israel’s most famous mosque in Jerusalem (Dome of the Rock).

Israel and Switzerland2

For Christians, it holds special significance, bringing together Protestants, Catholics and people of other denominations in a demonstration of religious amity.

My earlier post on the topic:

G Joslin Vethakumar

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