Super Bowl Time in U.S.

It is Super Bowl Time today and I have no plan to stay back at my hotel room in Dallas and watch it on TV.

I have a flight to catch and head home.

I am not trying to ape or invoke either Robert Frost or John Denver. Just making a matter-of-fact point.

“No one will bother taking a flight out of the city today as people will be glued to their television channels. So you can expect to have a smooth ride to the airport and an empty flight to San Francisco”, the driver of a Uber car I was in chuckled.

She is perhaps right given the frenzied following the Super Bowl has in the U.S.

My flight is at 3.30 pm and the American football championship kicks off at 5.30 pm or thereabouts in Atlanta.

I have never followed the Super Bowl though I have read about how it draws both the common folk and celebrities in droves. Perhaps like the F1s!

Streakers have made waves in the past, cheerleaders regularly hog attention but none like the celebrities who took focus away from the game with a wardrobe malfunction that hit the headlines a few years ago.

It is the drama that steals the thunder, whether it is the Super Bowl or the SKO. Whether it is in Atlanta or anywhere else!

I was not aware that the Super Bowl was happening today. It makes no difference to me!

It is Chinese New Year time and it is time for me to be back in Singapore.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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