Trump’s Address: A Blend of Confidence and Aggression!

From the Need for the Wall and China’s Patent Thefts to the Vibrant Economy of the U.S., he Minced No Words in Making his Position Clear

My visits to the U.S. have consistently made me think that immigration checks there can be made simpler and consistent without compromising on passenger safety or the nation’s security.

I will keep that for another post and focus on U.S. President Donald Trump’s State-of-the-Union address that I watched live on TV this morning. He demonstrated a blend of confidence and aggression, mincing no words in making his position on critical issues clear. I was particularly impressed with his stand on these five issues:

  1. The Wall Factor: When the Wall goes up, Illegal Crossing Will Come Down
  • Trump cited the examples of San Diego where illegal crossings had come down to near-zero after a wall was built, and of El Paso, where crime rates fell from the highest to the lowest after a barrier went up.
  • Walls work, walls save lives. Compromise and make America safe. I will get the Wall done.
  1. A new trade deal with China, with real structural changes, is needed to end theft of our intellectual property, reduce our trade deficit and protect American jobs
  • Most of the lawmakers in the House stood up in acknowledgement, except a few who included a Chinese-looking representative
  • With the introduction of some tariffs recently “our Treasury is receiving billions of dollars a month from a country that never gave us a dime.”
  1. America was born free and will stay free. It will never be a socialist country
  2. We have more women in the workforce now than ever before. Women are big beneficiaries of new jobs created last year.
  • All women lawmakers rose up in unison to applaud the announcement in what is possibly a politically correct gesture.
  • This included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who, sitting behind Trump, appeared to be an eyesore, to me.
  1. The country is vibrant, the economy is thriving. The only thing that can stop it are wars, ridiculous, partisan investigations.


Spontaneity in Address: There was spontaneity in his address as well, when while watching the unanimity in the standing ovation to his pitch on women, Trump said in a lighter vein: “You were not supposed to do that, thank you very much.”

In his 82-minute address, he brought up many other issues, with a clear sense of focus and authority. The full transcript is available here.

To Trump, it was time for bipartisan actions as the “economic resurgence we see must continue.”

Silly Fact-Checking: But, soon after he completed his address, the partisan media (CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.) went into overdrive dissecting his claims in the name of fact-checking and coming up with unconvincing explanations. Interestingly, they found most of his claims true but to bring discredit to him weaved some context to it.

For the bipartisan reader, they will only be commentaries rooted in political prejudice and not fact-checking in a strict sense.

Trump’s statement right upfront can best sum up the message, delivered with a sense of balance: “Victory is not about which party wins, it is about making the nation win.”

G Joslin Vethakumar

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