Bowing to China, Balakot Represent Modi’s Foreign Policy Reinvention?

C Raja Mohan used to be pampered by N Ram and The Hindu in the past. It is now the turn of The Straits Times to do just that.

The last few years he has been harassing readers in Singapore with his rambling pro-Modi diatribe. After all, he knows NRIs have a rich appetite for Modi’s lies and divisive politics.

In this OpEd piece in The Straits Times today, Raja Mohan provides a long and boring rehash of recent developments in India, starting with the so-called muscular surgical strikes in Balakot, even recalling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel and successes with China.

This does not surprise me as he is pandering to pro-Modi prejudices in Singapore and among Indian journalists in The Straits Times. Both will, after all, want India to demonstrate bondage to China amid the pressure it is facing from the U.S.

He is teaching at the National University of Singapore and must be missing the attention he used to get as a journalist.

Raja Mohan may land a Padma Bhushan or a plum post in the Indian Government if Modi returns to power, which is a distinct possibility. He is playing his cards well, without any hint of an independent analysis.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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