Modi Needs No Divine Intervention, With Video Publicity Even on Poll Day!

Media to Blame – What Prevents Them from Not Airing the Foul Campaign

Modi at Kedarnath5

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Mode is in an enviable position – he does not have to seek divine intervention for anything even when he visits temples. His silent poll campaign will get him everything he wants, thanks to the video entourage with him, the red carpet and the sartorial religious finery for a man who tirelessly professes to lead a life of austerity as opposed to the “luxury-centric Lutyens gang he despises”.

  • I will not blame him for this unethical practice. He is free to visit temples and take videos. The blame lies squarely with the media too obsessively happy to air them and give Modi and his party strong campaign mileage even on election day!

What Modi Can Pray For!

That aside, now that he is in a divine refuge, I do suggest he pray for a few things that will serve him well as he prepares to begin his second innings as Prime Minister, including the ability to:

  1. Shun politics of religious hate,
  2. Focus on governance and development, not on spinning imaginary tales to run down leaders who built the country with their intellect and sacrifice
  3. Shed any inferiority complex as lack of meaningful education gets compounded by the lies it spawns. Education is immaterial for graceful leadership.
  4. Realise secularism is not “sickularism”
  5. Stop imagining that India belongs to only Hindus – India is not an immigrant country like the U.S. or Singapore. Without question, 99.99% of Indians are native to the country, so it belongs as much to Christians and Muslims as it does to Hindus.

They, therefore, do not have to pander to majoritarian whims as long as their loyalty to the country is intact. Modi and his fanatical following must get this right!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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