Da Vinci’s Painting in Wrong Hands?


Many Artistes of His Stature Died Penniless!

Amid a maelstrom of rumours, as the CNN report points out, it is still uncertain where this 500-year-old Da Vinci painting is. It was sold for around $60 in the 50s and resold for $450 million.

What a huge fortune for the seller – with not a penny apparently going to anyone of Da Vinci’s lineage!

Tracing the family tree, with a history of more than half a millennium should not be a challenge.

The larger questions are: shouldn’t a creative genius be a national treasure and should his or her incredible works of art be in individual hands?

While Da Vinci led a comfortable life, most great artists have died penniless.

Vincent Van Gogh is said to have just sold one of his paintings during his lifetime – it fetched him around $100 in the 1880s. He killed himself in 1888, dead broke and with mental health issues.

The sad lives of many such greats are captured here – http://www.mattpecson.com/blog/2016/5/25/10-artists-who-died-penniless

G Joslin Vethakumar

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