Flip-Flop Way to Counter Airport Hassles!

A flip flop is an answer to all immigration hassles! To me, that is!

No more tedium over such instructions as “remove your shoes and belt plus jacket, empty your pockets and raise your hands!

Laptops and any electronic item bigger than a phone must be out as well!

Oh, oh, ooh, what else am I missing and what more is in store?

These are nothing new, security has been tight since 9/11.

Goodbye to shoes, belt and jacket, a refreshing welcome to flip-flop!

And, voila, a quick clearance at the SFO airport, even the pat-down went smooth! So what if I saw none else with slippers? I did not get any stares either!

So, it looks like this can be the way to go to save on security screening time.

It was supremely relaxing, too, without the constraints of the modern-day accessories! No sense of guilt, no embarrassment!

Political flip-flops may still continue to thrive!

What has terrorism done to our travelling lives! And what next for passengers?

G Joslin Vethakumar

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