MWC 2020 Cancelled – Look Who Was Planning to Attend Barcelona Event!

Usually, more than 6000 people from China attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a huge hit with attendees from the Asia-Pacific region irrespective of the business outcomes from it. Give it to the charm of Barcelona! The magic lies in visibility!

Now that MWC Barcelona 2020 has been cancelled over coronavirus fears, can you guess which of the companies were planning to attend the event? Who else other than Huawei and companies from China, the epicentre of the coronavirus!

MWC cancellation

Not surprising as the event was expected to focus on 5G offerings, given that the U.K. and Europe had already succumbed to Huawei’s allure despite the continent being vocal about privacy and data protection.

Who cares about individual or even a nation’s security or corporate espionage when politics and economics trump every other concern?

All technology biggies had pulled out of the event – the likes of BT, Amazon, Ericsson, Intel, Sony, Facebook, Orange, Deutsche Telecom, Nokia and Nvidia.

It will be a disappointment for particularly the media as technology firms had been sponsoring visits of journalists to Barcelona for marketing mileage. That is how credibility of the media has been ensured all along!

For the record, two months into the coronavirus tragedy, China today revised the method of calculating infections. The result 242 more deaths in China, taking the total loss of lives to 1310.

The total number of infections reported just yesterday hit a whopping 14, 840!

  • Nothing shocking, as China has even exaggerated GDP data in the past, something that even India has picked up under the new political dispensation there.
  • What this means is that two countries with the world’s largest populations, both in Asia, will not inspire confidence and trust among people!

In essence, far from any improvement in the situation, the health crisis is only seeing an escalation. While panic is not the way to react to the worsening problem, any sugar-coated messaging, too, from world leaders has to be taken with a pinch of salt!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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