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Cisco’s Cloud Confusion!

IoE, Passing Cloud?: For a company making the bulk of its big bucks from selling networking equipment, the Cloud may mean whittling down of its profits.

Hence, it was no big surprise when Cisco Systems CEO Chuck Robbins told the media at the company’s Partner Summit in San Diego yesterday that: “Cloud is not what customers want. The benefits of what they’re gaining from the cloud are what they want.”

Cisco has been betting big on IoE. Is that a passing cloud? A fad? Mercifully, he acknowledges customers want the benefits of the Cloud.

Mr Robbins warned partners to be wary of new players coming in with “some technology that’s got a lot of buzz and excitement about it.”

I can read his caution differently: “Don’t get swayed by new technologies that have caught Cisco on the wrong foot.”

Down But Not Out: This Bloomberg report can offer some insights into Mr Robbins’ rant. “From 2000 to 2010, the networking equipment pioneer averaged 13 per cent annual sales growth. Since then, 4.3 per cent!”

Without such facts at my disposal I still quit Cisco in July 2010 after a five-year stay with the company that I considered visionary. Looks like I timed it very well! Cisco may be down but it is still experiencing growth, that is to its credit!

The cloud that Cisco had to embrace driven by market factors is seen as one of the technology disruptions impacting business in a world that is going digital.

This CIO report is enlightening – touching on cloud trends that will dominate this year.

Bur Mr Robins has left me confused. Perhaps so is he!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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