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EU Loves Communism? “China Believes in a Rule-Based World”

Jokes Unlimited from EU!

I am loving the unraveling trade war as it is exposing Europe’s love for communism and economic bondage. Who will not love power for ever, of the kind Chinese President Xi armed himself with recently.

What takes the cake is this EU official’s effusive statement that China believes in multilateralism and a rules-based world.

To the EU, someone must play ball on trade. If the U.S. doesn’t do that, it will get China to do that. If China also does not fall in line, the EU will fall at their feet. If the U.S. gives them a kick, the EU is ready to let China wield the whip!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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Unfettered Immigration: Protectionism or Poison?

Children, Unwitting Pawns in the Hands of Terrorists and Illegal Immigrants

We do not live in a borderless world vis-à-vis human movement. A world without borders can only apply to social networking, connectivity and virtual reality. Not to the real world.

In a past role more than 10 years ago with a networking leader, articulation of the concept of borderless networks was common, in proposals and presentations. That is fine with networks and boxes, not to the real, physical borders.

Wild, Uncontrolled Influx

Seeking to regulate wild inflows into any country is not protectionism, it is the right thing to do to stop abuse of lenience.

Anything in excess, after all, is poison. A quote attributed to Swami Vivekananda and many other thought leaders! It ought to apply to everything in every aspect of life, business, politics and more. Liberalism and Immigration included!

Where there is moderation, reason and empathy can be expected to prevail.

Uncontrolled influx of immigrants into any country, whether it is into the U.S. or Singapore, even via the legal route, is certain to cause disruption among locals and lead to all kinds of isms – racism, ageism and fanaticism. Expecting countries to grin and bear with illegal immigration by the millions can only be dismissed as heights of liberalism.


Image with ClipartGuide as a guide

Children as Shield

Terrorists have often used children as a shield. It is a pity that children have unwittingly become a weapon for illegal immigrants in the U.S. too. Aliens living unlawfully in the U.S. are estimated to be around 12 million, more than 50% of them from Mexico.

Just as bad is American love for duds. So much so that its embassy in Delhi surreptitiously flew a maid’s driver husband and their son to the U.S., giving the family asylum there a few years ago. It is beside the point (or is it?) that soon after getting asylum, the driver filed for divorce from the maid.

Ill-Treatment of Indian diplomat

In the process, an Indian diplomat was arrested and even strip-searched for nothing. The diplomat is back in India and the U.S. is stuck with the duds.

This report in The Hindu points out that more than 500,000 Indians are living illegally in the U.S.

Besides those from Mexico, illegal immigrants who stream into the U.S. are from a string of countries, including other parts of Latin America, China and the Philippines.

Nearly 8000 Indians applied for asylum in the U.S. last year. They are those who have overstayed illegally in the U.S., confident a stupid Uncle Sam will grant them their residency wish.

It is this silly “duds-are-welcome-to-enter-the U.S.-through-crooked, -unlawful-means” culture that President Donald Trump is trying to fix. And the world, the prejudiced American media included, is going nuts over it.

Calls for compassion are fine but condoning illegal immigration may have undesirable consequences. Should that be a matter of right for people to unlawfully infiltrate countries?

G Joslin Vethakumar

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German Fraud, Kosovo Messaging in Swiss Win Over Serbia!

VAR Must be Team’s Prerogative, Cannot be Left to Referee’s Discretion!

This is a fraud by the German referee, possibly in collusion with FIFA.

It makes me think a video review must NOT be left to the referee’s discretion, it must be the prerogative of the team that is shortchanged. The German denied Serbia a penalty and a VAR (Video Assistant Review) that ought to have been there to clear any doubt.

If Germans make up the bulk of the population in Switzerland, how could a German have been chosen as the match referee? To show blatant prejudice?

Political Twist – Kosovo Messaging!

If this fraud is not enough, there was a political angle too — some of the Swiss players are from Kosovo who are said to have mocked at Serbia.

This BBC report points out that goalscorer Shakri wears a boot which has the Swiss flag on one heel and that of Kosovo on the other. Why is the Western sporting community tolerant of such political messaging on the field?

If sport is allowed to spread hate or rancour, particularly on a stage such as the World Cup, that is a sad reflection of current reality.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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Mexico Continue Good Run

Lozano and Hernandez have combined well to help Mexico go 2-0 against Korea at the World Cup tonight.

Having lived in Monterrey almost two decades ago, I always have a soft corner for Mexico.

And why not, Mexico is one of the best teams in this World Cup, having beaten Germany in their first match.

Korea is playing a well-coordinated game, but I find them too rough.

With just 10 minutes remaining before the final whistle, it will be smooth for Mexico. a team that will be a strong contender for the Cup.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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Argentina vs England Final? Oh, Beckham!

David Beckham must be ruing his untimely prediction made yesterday – a potential England vs Argentina final at the 2018 World Cup, now under way in Russia.

The same night Lionel Messi-led Argentina were given a 0-3 hammering by Croatia, leaving them tottering on the edge, staring at an elimination at the very stage of the Cup!

Only an unlikely miracle can now make Beckham’s projection crystallise! Like the penalty that Messi missed in Argentina’s match against Iceland.

If he tried to play Paul the Octopus, known for accurate World Cup predictions in the recent past, no one will place his bets on it.

Beckham and Messi have one thing in common – tattoos all over! Most football stars have tattoos littered all over them, this appears to be a misjudgement from Beckham?!

One of the bright spots of Beckham’s career was his goal from the spot that helped England beat Argentina in a 2002 World Cup match.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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Google and Apple Copycats?

I guess that was a comment, however harsh, made in a lighter vein!

The report’s clincher that made me chuckle: “It’s a solution so good that I hope Google and Apple copy it and we can stop worrying about the remotes once and for all.”

Look what Google and Apple have ended up with — a copycat image!

That was a harsh comment, though! Just like Messi is getting trashed after Argentina’s World Cup fiasco in their first two matches, leaving them on the brink of elimination!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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Messi vs Ronaldo Equation Settled, with Argentinian’s Poor Start!

Draws in their respective first matches at the World Cup later, the Messi vs Ronaldo comparison can now be closed as settled with the honours going to the Portugal star.

Messi and Argentina had a forgettable match tonight against Iceland, with the former missing even a penalty.

Ronaldo, in contrast, had a magical hat-trick against the formidable Spain in a match that ended in a 3-3 draw yesterday.

Bye bye, Argentina, you may still qualify but the Cup will not be yours.

G Joslin Vethakumar

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