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Little India in Singapore Decked up for Pongal

Singapore is a model country for harmony among people of different faiths. Be it Christmas, Deepavali, Ramadan, Buddha Purnima or Pongal all festivals are celebrated with equal fervour and grandeur.

Now is time for Pongal, the harvest festival in India that is also celebrated as Sankranti. But it is in Singapore where the celebrations are without any politicking or cultural mayhem.

Serangoon Road is all decked up for Pongal as you will see in the photographs here, taken yesterday when I visited the area to absorb the festive mood.


On the other hand, in India, silly Tamilians are fighting over a non-issue called Jallikattu (a cowardly sport where hundreds of people take on a single bull), allowing themselves to be taken advantage of for political reasons.

New Theories on Jallikattu Origins

During a TV debate last night, one woman attempted to trace the origins of Jallikattu by saying the sport came into existence to save children in some villages who were dying of some strange illness.

Some seer told them that to prevent more deaths there has to be some bloodshed. Thus was born the Tamil version of bullfight! Or so we are told! Bulls shedding some blood in the fight were helping save children. What bull!

Let that bunch of inane people who revel in servility and prostrating before political criminals kill themselves over the issue and make Tamil Nadu a State where civilisation has no place.

Happy Pongal all!

G Joslin Vethakumar

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Christmas Season Over, New Festivities Emerge

The Christmas season is now over with 2016 already upon us. But festivities continue as celebrations take another dimension.

I visited both Orchard Road and Serangoon Road yesterday. The Christmas adornments on Orchard Road were still intact but could be replaced with the Chinese New Year flavour this week.

IMG_3611In Little India, Deepavali decorations were replaced with Pongal ornamentation, with the Indian harvest festival less than two weeks away.

This is Day 2 of the New Year which promises to hold greater charm for us than most of the earlier ones. The positive air is, of course, based on reason!


G Joslin Vethakumar

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