Issues with Online Banking in Singapore

But Efficient Customer Service a Relief

Over the weekend, I tried to add a recipient to my bank account through the online portal. I started with DBS Bank and since I had issues with it I had a go at Citibank.

As I had to use the security token, I was fumbling with it and after a few attempts my account was locked. I am no newbie to it as I use the token fairly regularly, but just that it was not working right that day.

I wasted no time in calling up the bank. Fortunately I was provided with efficient customer service, resulting in my account being unlocked.

If it can happen to me in Singapore, one of the technologically most advanced countries, imagine what kind of trouble illiterate users in India will have to undergo as a result of the mad push for digitisation unleashed on the people by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

G Joslin Vethakumar

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